Valentine's Day

A Comprehensive List of Valentine’s Day Videos and Ideas for Families

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Here is a list of my favorite links for Valentine’s Day!

  1. Valentine’s Day | All About the Holidays | PBS LearningMedia and Valentine’s Day Facts for Kids – YouTube: Short videos of Valentine’s Day history for kids.
  2. Cards and valentins day kids – YouTube an art video for a fun Valentine’s Day card How To Draw A Box Of Chocolates + Spotlight – YouTube and one for a box of chocolates
  3. Cupid and Psyche: Greek Mythology for Kids Learn the history of the Greek god of love, Cupid
  4. Flowers are one of the most common gifts given for Valentine’s Day. Try one or all of these simple origami flower tutorials! Easy Paper Tulip Origami Flower – YouTube Easy modular origami lily for children/kids. Origami lily flower(folding instructions)for beginners – YouTube Origami Rose Easy – Origami Tutorial – YouTube 
  5. Kids poems about love and friendship: Hug O’ War By Shel Silverstein, Famous Friendship Poem (, Us Two by A.A. Milne – Famous poems, famous poets. – All Poetry, The Awakening by James Weldon Johnson – Poems |, Love Comes Quietly by Robert Creeley – Poems |
  6. Valentine’s Day is filled with hearts and heart-shaped objects. Learn about your real heart here!
  7. These aren’t Valentine’s Day related, but you can use chocolate to learn about reversible Super Fab Lab! Irreversible Change – Sid The Science Kid – The Jim Henson Company – YouTube and irreversible change Super Fab Lab! Irreversible Change – Sid The Science Kid – The Jim Henson Company – YouTube
  8. Try our Valentine’s Day curriculum packet! Products | Raising A Legacy
  9. Recommended books: Raising A Legacy Bookshop

For Parents:

Here are some articles to learn the history of Valentine’s Day!

  1. Valentine’s Day Origins and Lupercalia: What’s the Link? | Time
  1. Chaucer and Valentine’s Day | The Gad About Town
  1. Valentine Day History | Valentines Day Facts and Myths (
  1. Roses on Valentine’s Day—How a Flower Came to Symbolize Love | Time
  1. The history and commercialization of Valentine’s Day – Big Think

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