Letter Eggs
Seven Easter themed hands-on educational crafts!

Hands-on Educational Easter Crafts

Math Eggs

Math on the Wall

I love how this activity not only works on math skills it also helps to develop shoulder strength and range of motion!


Different colored paper

Velcro strips

Sticky tacky (or tape)

11 Plastic eggs

Permanent marker


To set the activity up, I cut out 11 egg shapes using different colored paper, and wrote the numbers 0-10 on them.  I laminated them to be able to use again. Then I attached a Velcro strip to the front, and used sticky tacky to hang them on the wall.  I wrote simple addition and subtraction problems for this activity. You could also do division or multiplication, or you could write numbers to pair with the correct number of dots.  Add the other side of the Velcro to the plastic eggs, and have your child correctly match the two. 

Paper Eggs

Easter Egg Scissors Skills





I cut out egg shapes from different colored paper, and drew different types of lines on them with a marker.  I then had my daughter practice cutting along the lines.

Ribbon Shapes

Math with a Ribbon

This is so simple, and my kids have a great time with it!


Ribbon or string



I had a bunch of Easter ribbon left over from the clearance rack at JoAnn’s.  I knew I would find a use for it! You can do this with any ribbon or string. First, I cut out pieces so that my daughter could make different shapes: triangle, square, rectangle, etc.  I gave her the pieces to figure out what shapes she could make, and then we counted the sides of each one. 

For the next activity, cut out 4 pieces of ribbon of different lengths: 1 inch, 3 inch, 6 inch, 9 inch, and 12 inch.  Grab a ruler and have your child measure each piece, and put in order from shortest to longest. After this activity, my kids often go around the house trying to measure everything they see.

Plastic eggs with letters and animal pictures

Egg Letter Sounds

My daughter was excited to see that I put a picture of her in the letter her name starts with.


26 Plastic eggs

Pictures of animals

This activity requires a little prep work.  I will hopefully have a free printable for this in the future.  To do, I searched for a picture of an animal for each letter of the alphabet.  I tried to make sure the animal started with the most common sound for that letter esp. for early readers.  For example, instead of doing giraffe for the letter G, I used gorilla. Write the letters on plastic eggs, using one letter for each egg.  Have your child match each letter on the plastic eggs to the correct animal that letter starts with. You can also start with the animals in the eggs for children who are just starting to explore letter sounds. Or, you can mix them up with the wrong animal in the egg and have your child fix it.  

Word Eggs

Word Families


Plastic eggs

Permanent marker  

This was such a simple way to have my daughter practice reading word families!  As she turned the egg, she was able to make new words.

Letter Eggs

Word Race


Letter tiles (or you can use pieces of paper)

Plastic eggs

I filled plastic eggs with letter tiles and then scattered them around our backyard.  My kids raced to get one at a time. They would open them up and try to make a word with the tiles that they had.  The goal was to make as many words as they could. When putting the tiles in the eggs, I made sure that there were many word options that could be made with the tiles I used.

Easter Pencils

Animal Pencil Toppers



White pipe cleaner

Green pipe cleaner

Orange pipe cleaner

Craft eyes

Pink pom pom



This isn’t necessarily a learning activity, but it added some extra fun when we practiced writing our letters!  We had a bunch of extra Easter-themed pencils from an old craft box that I had made, so I was able to put them to use. 

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